The armor concept includes class options and a visual hierarchy. The core design is based on references from the TV series, crossed with a battlefield’s rough touch for an own distinctive look.
The Idea behind
I can be pretty enthusiastic, especially when it comes to Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs. I didn't just love the TV series as a kid, I still love the designs of the characters and vehicles, especially that of Saber Rider and his steed.
Once I had an idea for a first-person shooter with RPG elements by going to war with the Starsheriffs on the side of Nemesis – playing  the "bad guys". You would play an Outrider from the vapor zone and be able to decide whether to remain Nemesis' devilish henchman or whether you get remorse for your crimes and want to change sides. 
The armor name "Deathcula XIII" is based on the henchman’s name in the original Japanese TV show, where they were called "Deathcula" instead of "Outrider".

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