Developing the novel has been a dynamic and magical ride ever since. It is not just a project to me. »A House Devided« is my heavy mammoth artwork baby which I create with passion and love for every little detail.
The first 88 full color comic pages (plus a magical recipe) of our action-packed, 4-part graphic novel series were published:
2016 by Carlsen Comics  in Germany
2020 by Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing) in the United States.
The life of Henrietta Achilles is about to change
After years of living as an orphan, she receives a summons to the strange town of Malrenard. To her surprise, she’s the only living relative of Ornun Zol—a notorious wizard, now deceased, which leaves Henrietta with his house and everything in it.
With Ornun Zol gone, escaped creatures and misfired curses have been spilling out into Malrenard. If that’s not enough, Henrietta will discover countless squabbling squatters inside her uncle’s abode: soldiers, bandits, tiny monsters, and more. Some are searching for treasure, but they’ll settle for fighting over pastries. Then there’s the matter of the strange black cat following Henrietta around …
A House Divided: Book 1
The Accursed Inheritance of Henritta Achilles
Acclaimed cartoonist Kate Beaton (HARK! A VAGRANT) says that it delivers “all the things you want an adventure fantasy comic to be!” • Entertainment Weekly calls it "An absolute delight." • Kirkus Reviews declares, “humor abounds with witty banter… [and] breathtaking illustrations."

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