My name is Marius Pawlitza. I was born in Königshütte, Poland in 1984 and grew up in Ludwigshafen, Germany - spending a lot of time with comics, video games and role playing games. After finishing my studies of communication design in Mainz, I started to work as an Art Director in international advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Ogilvy. Yet, I never gave up my passion for drawing and started developing the graphic novel series "A House Divided" together with my life long friend and writer Haiko Hörnig, 
Today I live in Frankfurt, draw comics and work as a freelance illustrator, concept artist and art director.
Please find my full vita on LinkedIn and Xing.
Every product deserves its very own look, no matter if it is a cartoon character or a wine bottle. That look requires careful molding – like a stone sculpture made out of a rock. I like to develop my crafts, stay open for change and attune the illustration style to the needs of your projects.
Concept Art
My biggest passions is the development of creative worlds and character designs. This can be directly traced back to my middle-school RPG sessions: The development of a player’s character is a great playground for unique character ideas. That is why I have always loved to draw our party’s characters.
Art Direction
During many years of working as an Art Director in advertising I learned a lot about communication design, branding and marketing strategies. I like to develop simple ideas, strong visuals and creative campaigns. Projects with focus on artwork, storytelling, craftsmanship, corporate design, idea sketches or video games play into my hands.
2023 • Der Christkind Code – Ein Monster unterm Tannenbaum
mit Ralph Ruthe und Haiko Hörnig

Community Editions
2022 • Das Klo (Kinderbuch) mit Ralph Ruthe und Haiko Hörnig
Community Editions
2022 • (US) A House Divided  "The Lost Daugther"
Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing)
2021 • (US) A House Divided  "The Winter of Walking Stone"
Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing)
2020 • (US) A House Divided  "A Light in the Dark, a Key in the Door"
Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing)
2020 • (US) A House Divided  "The Accursed Inheritance of Henrietta Achilles"
Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing)
2018 • (DE) A House Divided  "Ein Licht im Dunkeln" 
Carlsen Comics
2016 • (DE) A House Divided  "Ein gefährliches Erbe" 
Carlsen Comics
2015 • (DE) AHD Spinn-off "Das X markiert die Stelle"
Jazam Vol.10, Vom Baur Simon GBR
2014 • (DE) Eberhart #2 "About Boar & Men"
Jazam Vol.9, Vom Baur Simon GBR
2012 • (DE) Eberhart #1 "Das Hühnchen aus der Asche"
Jazam Vol.7, Vom Baur Simon GBR
2012 • (DE) Selektive Erinnerung „James Bond Episode“
Pardon Special Edition, Weimer Media Group
Honors & nominations
2017 • Bronze • Clio Award
Gelorevoice "Wacken Print Ad"
2016 • Gold • Comprix Award
Gelorevoice "Wacken Print Ad"
2016 • Longlist •Kurt Schalker Award „Lebensfenster"
A House Divided, Pengboom Society
2016 • Silver • Annual Multimedia Award
DWS Online Hairbanner
2015 • Nominated „best german webcomic“• ICOM at Comic Festival Munich
A House Divided, Pengboom Society
2013 • Cannes • Shortlist
Farmageddon, Online Event, Bigpoint
2013 • Nominated „best Print Ad“ • ZeitungKreativ
Organ Donation Awareness Ad (Flatline Ribbon), Foundation for Life
2012 • Longlist • Kurt Schalker Award „Lebensfenster“
Selektive Erinnerung Webcomics
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