The second volume with 111 full color comic pages (plus a magical recipe) of our fun and action-packed, 4-part graphic novel series was published:
2018 by Carlsen Comics  in Germany
Coming soon: 2020 by Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing) in the United States.
Henrietta Achilles, the heir of a legendary wizard, has a serious plumbing problem.
When flooding from the wizard’s house threatens to destroy everything around it, Henrietta must rally a group of unlikely allies to stop the deluge. Alongside Captain Booner’s steadfast soldiers and Nate Flemming’s motley bandits, Henrietta travels into the manor’s depths, a journey that brings danger … and discovery. Soon Henrietta encounters one of her uncle’s lost creations—and he’s a little suspicious about Henrietta winding up in charge. Meanwhile, secrets from Flemming and Booner’s shared past explode into view, and the house’s volatile magic threatens to sink the rescue mission …
A House Divided: Book 2
A Light in the Darkness, A Lock in the Door
"The action and wonder never stop in this intriguing sequel." 
– Kirkus Reviews
„Die Mischung ist perfekt! Ein äußerst unterhaltsames Buch (...).“
– Tagesspiegel
„Klassische Literatur-Eleganz, moderner Humor mit einer Prise Hollywood-Trickfilm-Charme.“

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