The book with 100 full color comic pages (plus a magical recipe) of our fun and action-packed, 4-part graphic novel series was published:
2020 by Graphic Universe (Lerner Publishing) in the United States.
After saving her inherited home from a supernatural flood, Henrietta Achilles is settling in for the winter. 
Her allies, thieves and soldiers alike, have packed up and said farewell. But a new threat is coming into view. Stone statues are marching toward the manor. Like the house itself, these sculpted soldiers are creations of Henrietta’s uncle, a notorious wizard—but some other force has them under its command. Henrietta’s only hope is that the house’s magic can help her stop the stone horde. To find out for sure, she’ll have to go exploring with some of her home’s oddest inhabitants …
A House Divided: Book 3
The Winter of Walking Stone

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